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We are a professional cleaning agency located in London specializing in carpet, oven and end of tenancy cleaning. We cover a lot of areas in London, so please visit out ‘’Areas’’ page to see if we are operating in yours.

Our cleaners are very experienced, highly trained and every one of them is insured. We are confident that we have what it takes to deliver the best cleaning services to all of our London customers. Our prices are highly competitive too and you can check them out on our ‘’Prices’’ page. If you have specific needs that don’t fall under any of the listed price categories then simply give us a call and we will create a personal offer for you. We want you to only pay for the services you are getting.

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Our London Cleaning Services

image of end of tenancy cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Our company specializes in end of tenancy cleaning and offers our customers reliable and professional cleaning services. We have experienced teams of cleaners who guarantee customer satisfaction every time. We offer stress and hassle free experience at affordable prices.

banner carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We offer deep carpet cleaning in order to get rid of any germs, dust and bacteria and to make your carpet look and smell brand new. We recommend to professionally clean your carpets at least twice a year and if you have small children – once every season.

image of oven cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Our cleaners have the experience that is needed to handle the professional equipment and they give you 100% satisfaction with the end result.
We work with the best cleaning equipment and materials on the market thus aiming to deliver excellent results.


Don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients are saying

Delia is a reliable, friendly and thorough cleaner. I am so pleased to have her as my cleaner.
She is very amenable and extremely punctual. Her standard of clean is remarkable. She is a brilliant cleaner.
Thank you!

Mrs Jennings

I have been using LCS for more than a year and they have constantly supplied a high level of service.


Prompt, courteous and well priced.

Heidi Pollard

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